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Sunday, March 19, 2006

Mysterious girl

body3, originally uploaded by bitmap .

A beautiful babe in a sepia tone

Stunning blonde

008, originally uploaded by cherokee_centauress.

Is that Barbie Griffin posing and showing off her naked breasts?


Dreamy, originally uploaded by wily_willy.

One of the best rumps you've ever seen! Looks like a fine piece of nicely sculptured art.. yummy!

Thats What Friends are For

Thats What Friends are For 05
Thats What Friends are For 05, originally uploaded by remerge.

Getting photographed while squeezing your breasts.... priceless!

Kisten Trick

kisten trick
kisten trick, originally uploaded by instant-buddha.

It's no trick, it's Kisten - along with her fantastic exposed tits.

A dream in black

blackhawk1 (2)
blackhawk1 (2), originally uploaded by black_hawk.

This is just awesome.. rendered me completely speechless.. and I bet you can't even read this because you're still staring at that marvellous proportioned ebony babe..

Wet ass cheeks

Aki Hoshino

Aki Hoshino
Aki Hoshino, originally uploaded by Bikini Idolater.

Happy easter! Now go and find them eggs, lil' bunny!



caught, originally uploaded by instant-buddha.

In your next life you'll be reborn as Dragonfly! Sweeeeeeeet!

Big 'uns!

blackhawk13, originally uploaded by black_hawk.

No description this time.. the writer has just been knocked out by a HUGE pair of knockers!


Superwoman, originally uploaded by sneekapeek.

Come and rescue me! I need breastfeeding! Quick!

Sports by Brooks

MP1380, originally uploaded by jen491.

We hid two marbles in the picture. Whoever finds them first, gets a free dive-in!

Pink bikini, delicious ass

Niki in latex

niki98k, originally uploaded by hardrock.

Gotta adore that exotic, beautiful face.. and I wonder what she looks like under her second skin of latex..