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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Sexual sensations


Buns, originally uploaded by wily_willy.

Would you like some fries with that?

Marta's great ass

Louise - simply good-looking

Louise 1
Louise 1, originally uploaded by torkristensen.

That shot was "aimed for a high-key glamour look". And what can I say? Seems it worked out!

Blue hair & bubble butt

Great Ass!!
Great Ass!!, originally uploaded by levintofu.

Yeah, right that machine straight away, honey!

Bikini bottoms

Falling down

Oil & water

Oil&water, originally uploaded by Gustavo Lucena.

An erotic composition of skin, oil and water. That's some real nice piece of art.

Jannah Burnham

Sh-sh-sh-shake that ass

The kimono

kimono, originally uploaded by Gustavo Lucena.

Great b/w shot of a karate honey. Care to join her on the mat for a round or two?


sexy girl
sexy girl, originally uploaded by Zappel Jazz.

Her stare can kill a human in seven seconds. So enjoy these seven seconds while looking at that gorgeous body. Is there a nicer way to die? :-)

Beauty in blue

2004_0530_171215AA, originally uploaded by GrumpyPants.

A bit skinny maybe - but who cares? She's some great looking hottie! And she knows how to pose, too!

I feel so overdressed!

I feel so overdressed!
I feel so overdressed!, originally uploaded by DirtyRatBastard.

Hey, ladies! Feeling overdressed? Well, get lucky - get naked! Take off all those heavy, unnecessary clothes. And send your pics, we'll make you famous! ;-)

Eriko Sato