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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

The cutest, silkiest body ever

0008, originally uploaded by Wall Wart.

Feast your eyes on her every single curve. That white, perfect skin. Her flawless, soft body and that perfect pair of slightly perky tits.. and the sweet secret behind those tight panties..

Babe, bra & boobies

DSC_2359, originally uploaded by miatine.

There's nothing more you need. Reminds a bit of Britney & Xtina back in the days when they still were really sexy. Wonder if she can work her body the same way..

The Ultimate Seduction....!

The Ultimate Seduction....!
The Ultimate Seduction....!, originally uploaded by Jazzs.

Ten bucks for your thoughts on this hottie. Imagination is such a GREAT stuff! Maaan, you DIG this chick and we all know it!


Yaiza (161)
Yaiza (161), originally uploaded by yaizagijon.

Another dreamgirl on Flickr posing your brains out.

Come to me

Robin Lee

Robin Lee
Robin Lee, originally uploaded by Juicy Robin.

Nice play of light & shadow on hot Robin's silky skin. And a nice piercing to play with.

Jun Natsukawa

Jun Natsukawa
Jun Natsukawa, originally uploaded by Bikini Idolater.

Sexy! Some asian chicks look like they've jumped straight outta an Anime flick, making them each boy's dream. And yours, too, so don't lie about it. ;-)

By the way - check out more pics from Bikini Idolator on Flickr. He's got tons of hot asian models!

Poison Ivy

Ivy 2
Ivy 2, originally uploaded by Eric Charles Photography.

Seductive, sensual girl. Just look at her soft curves and that frisky glance. Makes you fantasize about what will happen..

Can't stop thinking about you

Can't stop thinking about you
Can't stop thinking about you, originally uploaded by solea.

Love you, too, honey! Especially if you think about me looking like that. I'd rather drop dead than letting you all alone.

Whatcha looking at?

kaulitsaaaaaki, originally uploaded by denis2567.

Science now found out - the more cleavage, the more magnetism for men's eyes. It's like a compass pointing to the Northpole, just with boobs. And eyeballs. Whatever.

Sexy curves in the mirror

DSN1228 c
DSN1228 c, originally uploaded by Solitude60.

Photoshopped a bit blurry, but nevertheless some real nice streamlines on that delicious looking body. Mirror, mirror on the wall...

Angel in white

Mwhite10, originally uploaded by DotKu.

Maybe it isn't too bad ending up in heaven after all. Makes me almost feel sorry I won't ever get there. ;-)

Bindiya from India

Jewelry - B&W
Jewelry - B&W, originally uploaded by Bindiya from India.

A real indian beauty presenting some jewelry for her portfolio. Check out her profile on Flickr for more tasty shots.

Perfectly shaped & refreshing

Golden, originally uploaded by wily_willy.

Now that's what gets you in the mood for summer. Bet you wouldn't mind cooling your forehead with those tasty drips.. Or maybe take a refreshing lick here and there.. yummy yummy..

Explore the unknown

Sagrada, originally uploaded by jozedeabreu.

Excuse me, miss. Think I lost my.. ahm.. my.. whatever in there. May I?